About Me

Hi there!

Looks like you somehow made your way to my blog! With the start of 2019, I finally swallowed my fear of imperfection and started this blog to create a space in which I could share more about the truth of the Gospel and the Lord working in my life, more about my life and the stories that make me laugh/cry, and the lessons that I have learned.

I am a sophomore at Christopher Newport University in Newport News, Virginia studying mathematics! Yes, you read that right – I love math and hope to teach high school when I graduate with my masters in 2022. When I am not in the library studying, you will find me working as a barista at Einstein’s on campus, leading worship for CRU or for the youth ministry at my church, or creating fun pieces for my craft account akncrafts!

The name, “No Sugar Coating” may have left you scratching your head but really it was the simplest way to describe my personality and what I hope to do in this space. My friends tell me, that in terms of “beating around the bush”, I am one who cuts straight through it. I also like to call myself a *professional diabetic* so I thought the title would be slightly ironic, considering the nature of my autoimmune disease. Lastly, I hope that this blog will be refreshing, sincere, and truthful. I hope that through my vulnerability in sharing my experiences as well as how the Lord has worked in my life, it would be edifying and honoring to Him.

Thanks for being bold enough to read my thoughts,

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